It’s so important to continue to develop our skills during the off-season. Our Skills Series serves both as a training tool for our returning members, and a great opportunity for recruitment and an accessible way for prospective skaters to meet the team, the coaches, and learn what being on a synchro team is all about!

Our team members range from No Test to Gold-level skaters and we aim to make each exercise challenging and interesting for all levels. In between each session we hope that we provide motivation for skaters to go to the rink on their own and practice what they learned.

The Series is made up of four sessions from April to June, from 6-7:20am. The time is used for both individual drills and connected synchro exercises. Never done a shoulder-hold? No problem! The Skills Series is the time to learn.

Some things you can look forward to learning at the skills series are: individual edge, speed and power drills, synchro holds, and traveling elements.

Helen Weselcouch